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IS: Aphex Twin YouTube

Easily the best Aphex Twin track in years (video)


Quite honestly, I didn’t think ol’ Richard D. James had it in em. After being sort of lukewarm on Syro and some of the work that came after it, I was about to lump Aphex Twin into the category of legacy artists who could rest on their untouchable back catalogues and call it a day. But much like with how James got everyone excited before the release of Syro, this upcoming EP entitled Collapse was proceeded with series of sightings of a warped Aphex Twin logo all over the world before the eventual official announcement of the album. And now that the first track is out, I’m definitely excited once again to hear what the electronic music god has in store.

In sort of typical fashion, “T69 Collapse” starts off like most Aphex Twin songs: with some harsh drums and light ambient synth work to set the mood. But as the song builds, it quickly reveals that this is not going to be an easy listening number, as the song mutates into a totally different monster by the end of 5 minute duration. Shortly after the song starts, the drums become more violent, harsh, and downright intense. And the lovely, peaceful melody that the track starts on starts shifting into ugly, uneasy, and honestly almost classic horror movie territory, all thanks to some truly awe inspiring synth work. Things space out a bit towards the end, sort of returning to the way things started, as if to offer the listener some relief after being beaten to within an inch of their life. Simply put this track is absolutely amazing, with Aphex Twin showing off an attention to musical sound-sculpting, detail, and arrangement that proves that maybe Aphex Twin still has a thing or two to show the world. Color me impressed.

Aphex Twin’s new EP Collapse is out on Warp Records on September 14th.


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