(Best New Music) THE DAILY GRIND: Dam-Funk – Believer (Fingers Deep-Funk Remix)

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.05.47 PM.png

Image Source: K!7 Records’ Soundcloud

Legendary Chicago House producer, Larry Heard remixes Dam-Funk with glorious results (audio)


Who would’ve guessed a pioneer of early Chicago house combined with one of L.A. most unique talents (who still remains largely hit and miss with me) would make one of my favorite house tracks of this year. I generally sort of glaze over stuff like this but I’m both genuinely surprised and impressed by this remix. Larry Heard, a.k.a. Mr. Fingers, could’ve easily pandered to Dam-Funk’s retro-leaning boogie-funk sound, but has somehow made something this both very futuristic and very classic at the time (not to mention very funky). It definitely has this sort of night-drive vibe to it, with ambient synths and piano largely making up the track’s melody. Also, I love the cat purr-like bass that sort of fills in the mix, along with some very funky drum programming. It’s hard to put a finger (HA!) why exactly I love this so much but I’d go as far as to say this one of my favorite house tracks I’ve heard this year.

You can buy the 12″ single  or digitally through your outlet of choice right here!
Also, that Nite Funk track is alright too.



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