NEW MUSIC: Kuromoji – Pond Folks

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.16.55 AM.png

Just another reason to get excited for Free The Robot’s upcoming Tempo Dreams compilation (audio)


As more tracks keep coming in for Free The Robots’ contribution to Bastard Jazz’s ongoing compilation series, Tempo Dreams the more excited I get. And this latest edition has me more excited than ever to hear what else is on what’s sure to be an absolutely banging collection of beats. This track right here from Kuromoji entitled “Pond Folks” starts off familiar enough, featuring a lot of choppy, sloppy drums you might come to expect from producers these days. But the track really gets good during it’s second half when the drums become way harder, more intricate, and the whole track in general just seems to ramp up! Throughout the song, it seems Kuromoji is interested in creating this sort of outdoors-y sort of vibe with all kinds of natural samples hanging in the background and chilling with sparse, chilled out, jazzy vibe of the entire track. If this is a preview of the quality of what’s to come on the rest of the compilation, I’m definitely down.

Free The Robots’ Tempo Dreams Vol. 5 is out on Bastard Jazz on November 9th!


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