NEW MUSIC: Hot 8 Brass Band – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 12.00.57 PM.png

IS: Tru Thoughts YouTube

New Orleans’s Hot 8 come through with one of the finest covers of the Joy Division classic (video)



Of all the songs to get the funk cover treatment, Joy Division’s stark, stiff, post-punk classic “Love Will Tear Us Apart” seems like one of the most unlikely candidates. But if there’s any group with the talent to do it – meaning doing the original song justice while offering a new spin on it, the New Orleans funk soul marching band The Hot 8 Brass Band definitely have the chops to pull it off. And good lord they do it while looking good at the same time. Full of energy and spirit, this song is loaded with masterful horn blasts, pounding drums, and just that looseness that can only come from New Orleans. With a half a million covers of this song in existence, this might simply be the best and freshest one yet.


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