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IS: Tall Black Guy Productions

Tall Black Guy goes heavy on the atmosphere on this new cut! (audio)


Did I miss the memo or something? First you got Detroit-native DJ Dez aka Andres making a song with Cadillac in the title, now Tall Black Guy is showing love for the  American car company. Regardless of the reasoning behind the title, I’ll take any opportunity to highlight a new TBG song.

“Fly Cadillac” is TBG at this half-time best, with a beat that both lurches and bangs at the same time. Kicking off with some very familiar sounding percussion (anyone with even the smallest amount of hip-hop knowledge should know), the song wastes no time getting started hitting with you nice, effect bass line and layers upon layers of sampling. What I’ve always loved about TBG’s sampling technique is he tends to use his samples not just for chopping and rearranging, but also to create thick, enveloping atmosphere. And here, TBG goes all in, weaving the vocals Leroy Hutson, Marvin Gaye, along with tons of spaced horns and pianos to make a rich, musical tapestry (oh no, I can’t believe I just wrote that…). The only complaint I’ve got is that I wish it were a bit longer but that doesn’t make it any less of a Tall Black Guy Sure Shot!


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