NEW MUSIC: Thee Baby Cuffs & Cold Diamond & Mink – My My My Baby

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.25.47 PM.png

IS: Timmion Records YouTube

Another excellent funk soul track from Cold Diamond & Mink (audio)


Cold Diamond & Mink seemingly have become Timmion Records’s go-to, in-house soul/funk backing band. And it’s no wonder; they’ve absolutely nailed the esthetic of all those classic funk and soul bands perfectly, they do it with style and finesse too. This latest track with them backing up a sweet soul trio out of California called the Thee Baby Cuffs, and it’s just as essential as everything else the group has put out. As expected, Cold Diamond & Mink deliver the goods, serving up another excellent selection of horn and drum-heavy funk (CD&M have some of my favorite drums in the biz right now). Thee Baby Cuffs come in strong as well, serving up some old-school, harmony-laded soul that’s just as fun to listen to as it probably was to record it (it sounds like guys are having an absolutely blast in the studio). Chalk up another hit for Cold Diamond & Mink!

Thee Baby Cuffs & Cold Diamond & Mink’s “My My My Baby” is available now on 7″ and download on Timmion Records!



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