NEW MUSIC: Illingsworth – Greens

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 11.36.26 AM.png

IS: Mello Music Group YouTube

Another excellent production from one of my favorite beat makers at the moment! (video)


Given that Illingsworth’s Worth The Wait currently sits as one of my favorite instrumental hip-hop albums in recent memory, I was definitely hyped to hear that the Detroit-based producer had another album on the way this year (still waiting for a listing in Japan as of writing this, though). And if this track “Greens” is anything to go by, You’re No Fun will also be another noteworthy release.

This track basically has everything I associate with Illingsworth; it’s a bit light-hearted, quirky, humorous (though a lot of that has to do with the excellent hand drawn video), eccentric, and offbeat. The track here is quite sparse; most made up of a cleverly used vocal snippet that drives the melody as it plays are perfectly with Illingsworth’s playful synth playing. But what usually stands out to me the most on an Illingsworth track is his drums and how he often opts to use non-standard sounds for them. Rather than the usual dry kicks and hard snaps that are usually so commonplace in this kind of music, Illingsworth tends to use a lot unorthodox sounds that really give his drums a personality of their own. All of that being said, this track knocks for sure and does a great job of getting excited to hear what else he has in store with this new album.

Illingsworth’s new album You’re No Fun is out now on Mello Music Group!


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