JAPAN’S GOT BEATS: Grooveman Spot & Yasu-Pacino (SIM BROS) – Flying

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 9.41.24 PM.png

IS: Yasu-Pacino Soundcloud

Two of my favorite Japanese producers collaborating on the track? I’m sold (audio)


One artist late last year who sort of reintroduced me back into the world of underground beat makers in Japan was Yasu-Pacino. His track “City Mind” for Honey Records was a great mix of synth-heavy atmosphere and staggered, J Dilla-like drums. Basically it was the kind of track that that I dig quite a bit. So after doing a bit of digging around on my Soundcloud timeline, I was quite pleased to find out that not only does he have a new release coming out this year, but he also did a collaboration with not only one of my favorite Japanese producers/beat makers, but one of my favorite people in Japan as well, Mr. Grooveman Spot (head over here so you can check out the little gig vlog that I did with the man). And as expected, this is ended up being one of the best beats I’ve heard all year.

On this track “Flying” Grooveman Spot’s input can be heard all over this track: hard ass funky drums, a thick, syrupy bass line and the occasional well placed sample. But Yasu-Pacino is no slouch either, bringing some beautiful ambient synths and creative sampling to the table once again that really add just the perfect to touch to the track. All of these elements by themselves already make for an solid track but what’s honestly what makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end is the way the these two producers sounds seem to be battling from prominence on the track, before finally making amends and working together to make one of the best instrumental hip-hop tracks I’ve heard this year. Definitely give this a listen.

Yasu-Pacino’s Spinball Vol. 1 is due out on October 7th.


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