NEW MUSIC: Kev Brown – We Won


IS: Redefinition Records Website

Can’t really go wrong with Kev Brown and the almighty Moog (audio)


As I’ve stated before, I’ve always been a fan of the concept album. Whether it’s an entire album about Illinoise to a more obscure concept like trying to make music that sounds like old Polaroids (in the case of Leon Vynehall’s masterpiece Nothing Is Still), I love an album that toys with one idea and explores it for the duration of an album’s run time. So I got a little giddy when I saw that Kev Brown is gonna putting out an album centered around Robert Moog’s incomparable synth. And if this track, “We Won” is anything to go by, it’ll be a concept worth exploring.

The song starts off with a beautiful little lead, accompanied by some light sampled hand percussion, before things get heavy with a more aggressive synth layer and some hard-hitting staggered drums. All of this leads up to an all-to-brief climax that gives way to a very interesting philosophical take on the nature of listening to music. While I wish the song was just a hair longer, there’s enough promise in this 2-minute track get me excited to hear what else on this album.

Kev Brown’s very limited quantity (500 units) new album Delve Into Classical Moog is available now from Redefinition Records’s website!


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