NEW MUSIC: Mad Rey – 4ma G’z

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 6.28.23 PM

Another eccentric release from one of my favorite record labels (audio)


It seems appropriate that the last track I posted at the end of last week was from Max Graef, that I kick off this week’s round of posts with a track from his Max Graef’s record label, Money $ex Records. And much like that Max Graef track, this is another song that’s hard to pin to one genre in particular. Mad Rey’s track “4ma G’z” is a throwback-y, retro techno-ish, Chicago house track that’s full of enough 808s, 909s, and other assorted old school sounds that would make a fan of this kind of stuff blush (for the record, I love this kind of stuff). But once again, which seems to be the overarching theme any time I talk about music in this vein, what helps make Mad Rey’s track stand out from being just nostalgic for nostalgia sake, he takes the sounds of old and makes them new again by taking the song in directions you might not expect. And that direction is an absolutely orgy of all those previously mentioned sounds, all basically orgasming at once. In the hands of a lesser producer, this would be quite messy but Rey some manages to make keep the chaos under control (but not too much) and essentially make for a rather fun, wild ride of electronic music track. And if the rest of the EP is this much fun, then sign me up.

Max Rey’s Miracle Mike EP for Money $ex is out now!


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