NEW MUSIC: Max Graef – Midi Lisa


IS: Max Graef Bandcamp

Another impossible to categorize new track from the musical freak that is Max Graef (audio)

Be it a collaborative/band/solo project, it seems like every other month I’m talking about a new Max Graef project. Seriously, the rate this man puts out new material is just absolutely insane. But even more over, the fact that it’s usually of pretty high quality and it rarely sounds like his previous work is even more crazy.

Take this new track “Midi Lisa” from his recently released, came-out-of-nowhere new album Lo Siento Mucho Pero No Hablo Tu Idioma for example: starting off with some electronic toms and kicks, the song quickly gets funky with some sleazy sax lead and ultra-funky bass line. The song effortlessly shuffles around its musical elements to make for track that feels varied and always keeps you on your toes. But most importantly, it’s almost impossible to categorize since Max Graef as usual uses his musical influences to craft a sound of his own that may liberally borrow from a whole host of other genres; in this case: house, electronic music, disco, funk, bass, etc. but never settling on one to make a sound that’s distinctively Max Graef. Definitely interested to hear what else this musical freak has in store on his latest album.

Max Graef’s latest album Lo Siento Mucho Pero No Hablo Tu Idioma is out now on Tartelet Records.


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