BEST NEW MUSIC: Sam Wilkes – Descending

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 11.37.58 AM.png

IS: Leaving Records YouTube

A haunting album closer that only makes me more excited for this upcoming Sam Wilkes album (audio)


After being positively blown away by his previous track “Tonight”, Sam Wilkes’s upcoming album on Leaving Records Wilkes became one of my most anticipated albums for the second half of 2018. So when I saw that Wilkes had posted a new track recently, my expectations were through the roof to see if the man and his list of collaborators could strike gold on at least two tracks. Needless to say, they succeeded swimmingly.

Where as tonight was a great atmospheric piece of electronic jazz somethingorother, “Decending”, apparently the last track on the album and an appropriate album closer, takes things into more downbeat, post-rock-y beat music sort of territory. The track is largely built around a repetitive, descending bass line, where layers upon layers upon layers upon layers of vocals, guitar, drums, and other sounds fill up the mix before slowly fading away. It’s a simple song in theory but there’s a sort of musical mastery to the way that every layer comes in naturally, without over crowding the mix or without you really noticing. Couple that with a melody so catchy and haunting and I couldn’t be more excited for this album than I am now.

Sam Wilkes’s Wilkes is out on Leaving Records on October 5th. Definitely grabbing this one.


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