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Latest episode of my ongoing Raw Select Radio show series (audio)


Back much sooner than I thought I would be with a new Raw Select Radio! Probably one of the most uptempo sets I’ve done in awhile, moving back and forth between house, jazz, Latin, funk, and soul. Tons of deep cuts and classic tracks littered throughout making for one of the most enjoyable radio shows I’ve made yet. Thanks as always for listening and let me know what you think down in the comments!

Track list:

1} Kamaal Williams – Salaam
2} Joe Armon-Jones – Starting Today
3} Lorez Alexandia -Send In The Clowns
4} Max Graef & Glenn Astro – Magic Johnson
5} Adryiano – Fashion Country Girl
6} Comet Is Coming – Space Carnival
7} Claud Vasori – Tic-Splach
8} Michael & The Messengers – Romeo & Juliet
9} William Antonini – Oxford
10} Cliff Nobel & Co. – The Horse
11} Val Merral’s Orchestra – The Horse
12} Sound Directions – The Horse
13} Cry Babies – Kool & The Gang
14} The Soul Commanders – Funky Soul Music pt. 1
15} Harry Beckett – Rings Within Rings
16} Count Buffalo & His Rock Band – Soul Limbo
17} Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers – Friendship Train
18} Ray Barretto – El Nuevo Barretto
19} The Lyman Woodard Organization – Cheeba
20} Melvin Van Peebles – Sweetback’s Theme
21} Lucky Brown & The S.G.’s – Saints & Beggars
22} Tom Scott with The California Dreams – Blues For Hari
23} Weldon Irvine – The Power & The Glory
24} Pitto – Late Night Studio Moves
25} Nebraska – Big Plate Chicken (Alma Negra Remix)
26} BT Express – Energy To Burn (Mike Clark Edit)
27} Stevie Wonder – Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing


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