NEW REISSUE: Key & Cleary – What It Takes To Live

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 6.23.52 PM.png

IS: Now Again Soundcloud

Another obscure music gem from Now Again Records (audio)


Key & Cleary make the kind of disco I like; uptempo funk with a tinge of a disco foundation rather than being just straight up disco (though I still think disco to this day gets worse rap than it should). Things start off promising enough with a little sci-fi-esque synth lick before the song charges full speed ahead with a funky walking synth bass line, some smooth as silk vocals, chunky drums and guitar, all peppered with the occasional synth texture to bring it all together. It’s the perfect mix of sweet soul, funk, with just enough experimentation to make it all and all a pretty special package. And thanks to Now Again’s quarterly vinyl subscription service, you can make this little obscure funky disco gem yours!

Key & Cleary’s Love Is The Way will be released via Now Again Reserve. Head over to Rappcats for more info.


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