NEW MUSIC: Free The Robots – Nasi Goreng

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 6.30.13 PM.png

IS: Bastard Jazz Bandcamp

A tasty little percussive treat from Free The Robots (audio)


Free The Robots falls into the category of artists that I’ve known about for the longest time but haven’t really spent that much time digging into. Tis’ a shame too, because this featured single of his entitled “Nasi Goreng” is just as tasty as the food that it’s named after. If drums are what you crave, this track delivers with an absolute orgy of layers upon layers of drums and percussion. Kicking things off with a nice little half-time groove, the track eventually adds various types of hand percussion to add a little extra spice to what was already a pretty hot track. It’s slick, syncopated, and overall just funky as hell. If this is an appetizer to the latest entry in Bastard Jazz’s ongoing artist-curated compilation series Tempo Dreams, then count me in for the full course (alright, I’ll stop…).

Free The Robot’s “Nasi Goreng” b/w “Maranao” sampler single is available now over at Bastard Jazz’s bandcamp.


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