BEST NEW MUSIC: Sam Wilkes – Tonight

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 7.17.05 PM.png

IS: Leaving Records Soundcloud

The best track I’ve heard so far for the second half of 2018. (audio)


In a year that is already jam-packed full of fantastic jazz releases, Leaving Record’s Sam Wilkes is gunning for the top of the pile with one of the most adventurous tracks I’ve heard so far this year. And that’s saying a lot because there are already numerous noteworthy tracks that have came out this year but none have struck me quite like the way “Tonight” has.

Having already talked about Sam Gendel before and how much I love his work, straight out the gate, his saxophone takes center stage with just a straight up orgy of noise, ambience, and melody; making his performance one of the highlights of an already stellar track. But not to be undone by the sax machine, the swinging, hard-hitting drums give a song that could’ve easily just gone into free jazz noodling (not that there’s anything wrong that) some much needed groove. The light layering of synths and guitar add a beautiful layer of texture and do an excellent job off adding just another layer of musical texture to a track that’s already quite rich in it. If Sam Wilkes can keep this sort of musical mastery going for an entire album, we might have yet another album of the year contender on our hands. Damn good stuff.

Sam Wilkes album WILKES is out on Leaving Records Oct. 5th.


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