BEST NEW MUSIC: DJ Dez aka Andres – Save Em b/w Gotta Get It

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 8.43.45 PM.png

IS: Funk Night Records YouTube

A double-sided banger from one of Detroit’s most underappreciated (audio)


Being a beat maker from Detroit has to be rough. The city simply has way too many top-tier, best of the best producers around (c’mon, Dilla. Need I say more?), yet rarely do they get the shine and recognition they deserve. One of my favorite underappreciated beat makers from the Motor City has to be DJ Dez, aka Dez Andrés because his beats sound like nobody else but him. And as testament the man’s beat prowess, we have this double-side slapper released on Funk Night Records. “Save Em” rolls almost as much as it slaps, with kick making up most the tracks bounce, while the snares, hi-hats, and samples keep flowing along for track that’s positively hypnotic. On the flip you get the more uptempo number “Gotta Get It”; a track with enough low end to rattle almost any trunk, as well some clever string sampling to give it some tension to go with the undeniable head nod factor. Simply put: if Dez wasn’t on your radar before, hopefully this will because these are two of his best productions yet.

DJ Dez aka Andres “Save Em” b/w “Gotta Get It” is out now in very limited quantities on Funk Night Records.


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