BEST NEW MUSIC: Illingsworth – Peeves feat. Open Mike Eagle

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.04.42 PM

Finally, new music from Illingsworth (audio)


I was beginning to think Illingsworth was never going to release any new music, given that his YouTube channel is mostly devoted to Let’s Plays and gag videos (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But since one of my favorite beat makers/producers/rappers/pranksters has finally graced with some new music, I’ll take it whenever I can get it. And if this new track is anything to go by, much like the title of his Street Corner Music instrumental album, this should be Worth The Wait.

This latest track, “Peeves”, from his upcoming album on Mello Music Group entitled You’re No Fun has Illingsworth and Open Mike Eagle trading rants about things that piss them off, but mostly in a light-hearted, very humorous fashion. But the real star of the show obviously is Illingsworth’s off-kilter, unique production; offering up some odd, electronic textures and unusual drums sounds while still keeping the head nod and bump factor high. It’s definitely a promising first look into an album that I wasn’t expecting, but considering that Worth The Wait has over time become one of my favorite albums on Street Corner Music, I definitely can’t wait to hear what else the man has in store with this new one.

Illingsworth’s You’re No Fun will be out on Mellow Music Group on September 28th.


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