JAPAN’S GOT BEATS: Arµ-2 – Kanazawa Soulful

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 6.28.38 PM.png

IS: Arµ-2 Soundcloud

A short but effective slapper from one of my favorite Japanese beat makers (audio)


Normally I like try not to feature the same Japanese beat makers over and over again in order to show off the variety of different producers that Japan has to offer. But in terms of underground beat makers in Japan, Arµ-2 just so happens to be my favorite, so I’ll take any and every opportunity I can to showcase his work (especially since the Arµ-2 and Yotaro have an album coming out later this year that I’m really excited for). “Kanazawa Soulful” is another slapper of a track from enigmatic producer; featuring a clever, slowed down, soulful sample and some bangin’, intricate drums to hold the whole thing together. It’s a short, to the point, highly effective neck breaker of a track that only makes me more excited for what two of my favorite Japanese beat makers have in store later on this year (more info on that later).


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