ANOTHER TALL BLACK SURE SHOT: Tall Black Guy X BIG/Craig Mack/Busta Rhymes – Flava In Ya Ear Remix

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 6.00.04 PM.png

IS: Street Corner Music Soundcloud

DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. (audio)


A little awhile ago on Instagram, DJ/Producer/label head of Street Corner Music shouted out Tall Black Guy about some 7″ records that were ready to go. After that, my hype levels were completely off the charts, given that Tall Black Guy is one of my favorite beat makers/producers and Street Corner Music is currently my favorite hip-hop label. But oh my lord, what the actually is on that seven inch might just be the best TBG production I’ve heard this year, and assuming I can get my hands on it, will definitely become a staple of my DJ sets for years to come.

What we get from this all-star team up is another sure shot in the form of a remix, not too dissimilar to what K, Le Maestro already did for “One Thing” (a record that I hope to God I haven’t missed the boat on). Taking on the classic hip-hop track “Flava In Ya Ear”, this remix is just one of those tracks that’s starts off promising and just continues to get more amazing as it progresses. Kicking things off with a familiar Marvin Gaye sample to set the mood, the track moves into some minimal territory with skeletal beat and some strained strings to set the mood. Slowly but surely, as Biggie’s verse continues, the drums start coming before launching into some the slap-heavy, rolling drums I’ve ever heard from TBG. As the track continues, TBG keeps things lively by chopping up the sample and the drums to keep you on your toes. Simply put: this might be the funkiest, hardest hitting track I’ve heard from the man yet. Definitely a must have!

No word on a release date yet but definitely keep your eyes on Street Corner Music and Fat Beats because I have a good feeling this one’s gonna sell out quick.


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