NEW MUSIC: Kaidi Tatham – It’s a World Before You (feat. Dego)

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IS: First Word Records YouTube

Think dance music meets jazz-fusion. (audio)


Out of all the short lived electronic music genres that have come out of The U.K. throughout the years, broken beat ranks pretty high among the genres that just aren’t for me (grime and 2-step garage would also be on that list). One of the biggest reasons being, at least in my humble opinion, most of the tracks just sounded straight up cheesy. Now granted my only real experience with broken beat was Bugz In The Attic, but their music was so off putting for me that I pretty much avoided everything that had to do with that genre (or anything that reminded me of it, for that matter) ever since. So it was with some trepidation that I approached this track “It’s A World Before You” by former Bugz collaborator/member (?) Kaidi Tatham. I’m glad I did though because this track is actually a lot of fun, even if it is still a bit cheesy.

The good news right out the gate is that there are absolutely no horrific, over-the-top soul singers on this track that wail all over the track (a major reason I really didn’t like any of the Bugz In The Attic material). There are some vocals that come in late in the track, but they fit with the sound of the music pretty well and don’t do anything to detract from the song. And speaking of the song, “It’s A World Before You” is some straight up dance floor jazz fusion. What’s striking about this track is the quality of the musicianship on here; there are some truly fantastic keyboard/synth licks on this track, as well as thick as hell grooves laid down by the bassist, drummer, and guitarist, giving the dance floor something to shake their shit to. There are a few minutes though where the melody of the track shifts into total cheese territory and reminds me of some of the worst jazz fusion I’ve heard in my life, but in the context of this song, I actually kind of dig it, and actually makes for one of the most fun tracks I’ve heard this year. Let’s hope this sound holds up over the course of an entire album.

Kaidi Tatham’s new album, It’s A World Before You is out now First Word Records.


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