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IS: Melting Pot Music YouTube

A nice little atmospheric trap beat from Turin-based producer YAYA. (video)


Melting Pot Music’s ongoing KO-OP series has been a bit hit and miss with me. The majority of the beat makers they’ve put forward thus far have been far from bad for sure, but the they’ve also failed to leave an impact on me. However one name that popped up last year that has always stuck out in my head has been YAYA, and that was due to his excellent sounding Crack EP. So naturally I got a little excited to hear a new track from the man who puts a rather unique spin on the usually tired and played out trap formula, and has expected, he didn’t disappoint. “Roads” is pretty similar to the little tidbits I had heard from the Crack EP; heavy on synths and atmosphere, combined with half-time drums and those hi-hat rolls that the genre is known for. It’s not anything revolutionary, but it is a nice little twist on a genre that’s become so stale that it’s in desperate need of anyone doing something a little different. Here’s hoping for an album of material!

YAYA’s “Roads” is available to stream/purchase on a variety of platforms!


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