NEW MUSIC: Foisey – {40F7B935-64A7-4AFE-foiz-A562-3DAB41775A73}_

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 9.31.40 PM.png

IS: Foisey. Soundcloud

Another short but sweet beat from one of my favorite beat makers (audio)


I think it’s pretty cruel that a lot of Foisey’s beats are just too damn short. Because in all honesty, I think Foisey one of the best, most exciting, most original beat makers around right now. And considering how much creativity is packed into this beat that isn’t even a minute long just goes to show how damn good this kid is. On “{40F7B935-64A7-4AFE-foiz-A562-3DAB41775A73}_”, Foisey does his best skeletal Dilla impression, hitting you with a beat that is basically just a rubbery synth bass line, some staggered drums, and a few little synth sounds and samples. And just when you think it’s about to drop, it’s over. But what’s there is just too good and only points to more great, creative beats from him in the future. Just for godsake, make it a little longer next time.


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