NEW MUSIC: Will Saul – The Map Room

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 11.47.21 AM.png

IS: Aus Music Soundcloud

A rather intriguing new track from Aus label head Will Saul (audio)


Aus Music is one of those extremely dependable labels you can always go to if you’re looking for a good balance of techno, electronic music, and house. And funnily enough, this new track from label head Will Saul called “The Map Room” shifts between all three brilliantly over the course of seven-minutes. Starting off with some Innerzone Orchestra “Bugs In The Bass Bin”-esque, jazzy drums and shimmering synths, the track quickly shifts to a long, dark tunnel rave scenario, complete with four-to-the-floor drums, stab-y synths, and reverb for days. It’s all a bit jarring at first, but it’s all so imaginative and fun that I can’t help but enjoy this track. This track a lone definitely has me curious to hear what else is on this new EP.

Will Saul’s new EP Bugs is out now on Aus Music.


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