BEST NEW MUSIC: Fouk – Elephants Yeah

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 11.08.33 AM.png

IS: The House of Disco YouTube

Another absolute banger from Fouk! (audio)


Fouk over the last couple of years have managed to become one of, if not my have house music groups. Everything they put out is absolute gold and it’s no wonder that pretty much every one of their releases sell out almost immediately upon release. This new track may just be a feature on a compilation 12″/EP whatever, but I can already tell this a highlight track from that release. “Elephants Yeah”, as the title might suggest, is an absolute beast of a track that’s sure to get the dance floor moving in no time. Going in deep on the disco this time around, the song largely centers on a funk and groove-tastic sample that gets filtered in and out throughout the track, with the drums bumped up to give the track a little extra kick. But where the track really shines is the out of no where switch up towards the end of the track, where it really brings focus to the drums and the groove of the track. Simply put: it’s a hard-hitting, addictive, dance floor destroyer of a track and makes buying this 12″ compilation worth it alone for this one song.

House of Disco Records’ new 12″ HODSTASH004 is out now.


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