NEW MUSIC: Rejoicer – Double Astral Move

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And now for something completely different from Stones Throw (music video)


Watching the evolution of Stones Throw over the 20+years has been positively fascinating. Sure they’re probably most known for their seminal underground hip-hop releases, but Stones Throw have never full stuck to that lane; having put a whole slew of weird, wacky, left-field music over a variety of different genres (anyone remember Baron Zen? Or Bruce Haak? Or The Minimal Wave Tapes?). So while it might shocking for some that Stones Throw doesn’t resemble the hip-hop haven that it once was, I haven’t found it that surprising at all. What I will say is that the general quality of their left-field artists have been on the rise throughout the years. And I’m pleased to say this new track from an artist I’ve never heard of, Rejoicer, is probably one of the most promising tracks I’ve heard from the label in awhile.

It what could lazily be described as “happy (or happier, anyways) Flying Lotus”, this Rejoicer track, “Double Astral Move” does actually have a lot in common with the famed producer. Off-kilter drums with some irregular choices of drums samples and percussion,  thick, synth-heavy ambience, and a general vibe that’s slightly abstract without being overly abstract to make it too difficult for the average listener to get in into. Where I think the comparisons start to drift apart is where Flying Lotus tends to be a bit more on the darker, heavier side of the musical spectrum, this track is lively, exuberant, and full of positive-sounding energy (and just so you know, I can get down with both sides). Overall, it’s a pretty intriguing track that definitely has me curious to hear what else this man has in store.


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