Raw Select Radio #9

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 5.45.16 PM.png

Back once again with a new episode of Raw Select Radio for your ears! (audio)


At long last, I have returned with a new Raw Select Radio Show. I know I’ve been away for awhile but that was due to me not really having any time to record a new episode, plus I was also working on and finishing a new straight up DJ mix (which I’ll also upload later). For this episode, I went mostly into funk and soul territory, with a peppering of jazz, hip-hop, and a few other oddities littered throughout. I was a little off my game today but hopefully the abundance of good music makes up for. In any case, I hope you enjoy it and I should be back to a fairly regular upload schedule again. Thanks as always for listening!

Track list:

1} Toshio Matsuura Group – Change
2} Freddie Hubbard – Red Clay
3} Joe Armon-Jones – Mollison Dub
4} Kiefer – AAAA
5} Carlton Jumel Smith – I Can’t Love You Anymore
6} Anderson Paak – The Bird
7} 16Flip – Dubb 1 (16Studio Dub)
8} Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Police In Helicopter
9} Quantic – Hotline Bling
10} Gabor Szabo – Summer Breeze
11} The Sylvers – We Can Make It If We Try
12} The Trinikas – Remember Me
13} Jurassic 5 – Quality Control
14} Jimmy Webb – The Elephant Hunt
15} The Indian Sound Of Blackfoot – Smokesignal
16} The Rob Franken Organ-ization – Hop Toad
17} The Watt 103rd Street Band – A Dance, A Kiss, and A Song
18} Dom Salvador – Tio Macro
19} The Grease Traps – Street Sweeper
20} The Pink Movement – Experience
21} Gene Anderson – The Gigilo
22} Andy Loore – Mixed Drums
23} Johnny Cameron & The Camerons – Funky John
24} Family Tree – Family Tree
25} Kashmere Stage Band – Kashmere
26} Nico Gomez & His Afro Percussion Inc. – Lupita
27} Los Llamas – Siboney
28} Clifton White & His Royal Nights – Ain’t No Love
29} Tirogo – We Like To Party
30} DJ Day – The Land Of A Thousand Chances (Lord Echo’s Disco Mix)



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