NEW MUSIC: DJ Muggs & MF DOOM – Death Wish feat. Freddie Gibbs

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 3.00.39 PM.png

IS: Soul Assassins YouTube

Grimy, dark, atmospheric hip-hop from Muggs, DOOM, and Gibbs (audio)


Feel like hip-hop has lost a bit of griminess these days? Do you yearn for a sound that so filthy that not even a bleach and steel wool shower could clean off? Then DOOM, Muggs and Gibbs got exactly what you want. Muggs give DOOM and Gibbs one of the slowest, hazy, atmospheric hip-hop productions I’ve heard in ages. Conversely, Gibbs turns in on of the fastest, double-timed raps he’s done yet while DOOM still gives you his trademark layered word play while sounding like he’s rapping in slow motion. It’s a solid track with lots of promise that makes you wish they’d do a full album together.

For now, grab this extremely limited edition record from Soul Assassins Records if you can!


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