NEW MUSIC: Kaus Layer – Juice feat. Blu & Hex One

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 11.41.33 AM.png

IS: Redefinition Records Soundcloud

More boom-bappy goodness from the Berlin-based beat maker, Klaus Layer! (audio)


In Redefinition’s bio for Kaus Layer, they dub him the “boom bap specialist”. And I have to say, that’s pretty much on the money. From my limited exposure to the Berlin-based producer/beat maker, Layer’s approach to making music is much more akin to old school legends DJ Premier or Pete Rock than J Dilla (though Jay Dee stared off making beats more akin to Pete Rock and Q-Tip, so take that last sentence with a grain of salt), meaning there’s much more of a focus on filtered out sample loops and drums rather than chopped up everything. But how Layer makes himself out is his signature drums. Simply put, Klaus Layer’s drums always sound massive, with kicks and snares powerful enough to shatter eardrums and windows, all treated with a healthy dose of reverb for extra punch. And this new track from his latest album “Juice” pretty much has all of those qualities, but with the added bonus of two solid verses from Blu and Hex One, both of whom sound excellent on this track. So odds are if you’re looking for some old-school hip-hop with a bit of a modern twist, probably can’t go wrong with this new Klaus Layer album.

Klaus Layer’s newest album, Lost Track is available for pre-order now on Redefinition Records. Head over here for more info!


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