BEST NEW MUSIC: Georgia Anne Muldrow – Overdrive

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 12.03.11 PM.png

IS: Brainfeeder Media YouTube

One of Georgia Anne Muldrow’s most straightforward songs ends up being one of her best! (audio)


I’m not entirely sure why, but for whatever reason, I’ve never fallen in love with Georgia Anne Muldrow’s music. Which is not to say I don’t like her music, because I’ve always had a healthy amount of love and respect for the singer/producer. But up until this point, I don’t think she’s released a track that’s completely grabbed my attention. All of that changes now with this new track “Overdrive”, which is easily the best track I’ve heard from her up until this point. And oddly enough, for an artist who’s known for putting out some really odd-ball, left-field music, this is probably the most straight forward her music has ever sounded.

Starting things off with a keyboard heavy sample that’s tucked away in the background, the track slowly reveals itself a fairly familiar, trap-ish beat. But as it goes with a lot of tracks of this nature, as the track progresses, it subtly adds layers of keys and drums that creep into the song and really give this track a lot of extra character. And speaking of character, it has to be said that the real star of the show here is Georgia Anne Muldrow performance on this track. While Muldrow might not have the world’s most impressive range, she uses her voice effectively; turning in an a layered, dynamic, and emotional performance that really adds some life to an already solid instrumental. While she may not have really been on my radar before, she definitely is now!


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