NEW MUSIC: Lucky Brown – ‘Bout To Blow b/w Saints & Beggars (feat. The S.G.’s)

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 5.37.23 PM.png

IS: Tramp Records YouTube

A double-sided heater of swing heavy funk! (audio)


When it comes to funk music, I don’t really ask for a lot. Give me some hard drums, organ, guitar, and horns all done with healthy dose funk, swing, and swagger and I’m happy. Thankfully, this new Lucky Brown record from Germany-based funk reissue label Tramp has exactly what what I need, nay, crave in a funk seven inch. The a-side “Bout To Blow” is has everything I just listed above, with far more emphasis on the swing of the track than your average funk song. And the flip side, “Saints & Beggars” goes all in on that swing, opting for 6/8 time-signature to fit the feel of the track. “Saints & Beggars” takes a little while to get moving but when it does, it ends up paying off in the end. All and all, this sounds like no B.S., no frills seven inch funk heater and I’m all about that!

Lucky Brown’s “‘Bout To Blow” b/w “Saints and Beggars” 7″ is out now on Tramp Records.


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