BEST NEW MUSIC: Bluestaeb – Alright

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 1.53.32 PM

IS: Bluestaeb Soundcloud

Bluestaeb’s new album just keeps sounding better and better with each new track (audio)


Up until this point, I’ve always had tempered respect for Bluestaeb. I liked his 2015 album Rodalquilar well enough, with it’s synth-heavy, melancholy tone approach to instrumental hip-hop, but never completely fell in love with it. But if this new track “Alright” from his upcoming Everything Is Always A Process album is anything to go by, good god this might just be one of the best instrumental hip-hop albums I’ve heard in awhile. Starting off on classic-sounding Brazilian vibe, the track wastes no time throwing a half-time trap beat to give the track a little extra thump. Later though, the song switches vibes out of nowhere, flipping the track into a completely different direction by dropping the sample entirely and hitting you with some airy, mellow synths, and a completely different set of drums. It’s just one of those tracks so loaded with creativity and ideas that it’s hard not too like it. Definitely a head turner and it only makes me more excited for what’s in store on his new album.

Bluestaeb’s new album Everthing Is Always A Process is out on Jakarta Records on June 15th.



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