NEW MUSIC: Ross From Friends – Project Cybersyn

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 12.06.30 PM.png

IS: Brainfeeder YouTube

One of the better electronic music tracks I’ve heard in awhile. (audio)


I really feel like I need to spend more time listening to Brainfeeder releases. Given their odd-ball cast of characters and the out-of-left-field releases that they put out, they generally put out music that’s right up my alley. Take this track Ross From Friends called “Project Cybersyn”; on a surface level, it sounds like a pretty standard house/techno track, complete with a thumping kick drum, open/close hi-hat pattern, and a pretty standard sounding bass line. But all of it sounds like it was filtered through wall of a rave going on two doors down, with only certain elements getting through as if the window was being opened from time to time. And despite it’s familiar esthetic, the song progresses in pretty untraditional ways, bringing in and taking out elements in different parts of the song that constantly keep you on your toes. Add in a musical climax towards the end of the song that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck you have one of the best electronic music tracks I’ve heard in awhile. And definitely a track makes me wanna go back and listen to more Brainfeeder stuff. If only their records weren’t so goddamn expensive.

Ross From Friends’ new album Family Portrait will be released on Brainfeeder on July 27th.


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