NEW MUSIC: Prefuse 73 – Basinskitarian

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 10.08.51 AM.png

IS: Lex Records

A rather intriguing new track from Prefuse 73! (audio)


Straight up, I have to say Prefuse 73’s first three albums (including Extinguished, which is actually more a out takes/b-sides album but it’s still damn good) are absolute classics and probably some of Warp Records’ most essentially releases. That being said, I haven’t cared about a Prefuse 73 release since probably Surrounded By Silence. And while that album was hardly bad-and likewise, everything that came after it- it really just felt like Prefuse 73 had lost his midas touch so to speak. But after almost a ten year break of listening to any new Prefuse 73, I decided to drop in on him and see what he had been doing since I last checked in on him. And low and behold, this probably the first track that I’ve heard in awhile from him that actually has me intrigued to hear what he has in store on his latest album.

“Basinskitarian” is too far off from a lot of his previous work; it’s still really keyboard/synth heavy, there’s a strong emphasis on the drums, there are a ton of little sonic details and to make layers to make it interesting, and it also a few little “glitchy” moments, which was a style that he became famous for. Overall, it’s a solid new production from an artist that I once loved and definitely has my interested to hear what else is on the album.

Prefuse 73’s new album, Sacrifices is out on Lex Records on June 15th!



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