BEST NEW MUSIC: Leon Vynehall – English Oak

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 9.56.28 PM

IS: Leon Vynehall YouTube

Yet another exceptional track from one of the most promising albums of this year (audio)


This new track from Leon Vynehall’s upcoming Nothing Is Still album is probably the closest to what I expect from the producer in that it’s left field house track. But don’t let the house thumb fool you, as that is only one small portion of this criminally short ambient mood piece. There’s some positively gorgeous strings that swell and dissipate mixed in with a schmorgesborg of electronic sounds and textures and found sounds. Where the song really shines in how it plays with your expectations; building up to a drop that tricks you into thinking when it’s gonna happen, and fading out house drums well before you might think. It’s yet another stellar track from one of the best sounding albums of the year in a year disgustingly stuffed with great albums. I honestly can’t wait to hear what else this exceptionally talent producer has in store on this album.

Leon Vynehall’s album Nothing Is Still is out on Ninja Tune on June 15th!


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