BEST NEW MUSIC: Detroit Swindle ft. Tom Misch – Yes, no, maybe

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 10.16.00 AM.png

IS: Heist Recordings YouTube

One of the most playful tracks I’ve heard from Detroit Swindle yet! (audio)


When I first heard about Detroit Swindle’s new album, one of the first tracks that caught my eye was the track featuring Tom Misch entitled, “Yes,no,maybe”. Since Tom Misch is hotter than hot at the moment, I was very curious to hear what he would bring to the table. And surprisingly, everyone involved delivered in spades. Tom Misch brings his multi-instrumental skills into the mix, offering up some tasty guitar and vocals, while Detroit Swindle provides some of the funkiest, brightest, addictive, and downright playful synth and key work I’ve heard from them yet. All of this tied together with some organic sound drums and percussion and you have easily one of the best tracks I’ve heard from the house duo yet. If the rest of the album has this kind of vibe to it, I’m sold!

Detroit Swindle’s High Life is out now on Heist Recordings!


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