NEW MUSIC: Aesop Rock – Klutz

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 11.56.18 AM.png

IS: Rhymesayers Entertainment YouTube

Aesop Rock is the probably the only person who can make rambling sound this good! (video)


Anyone who listens to underground hip-hop will tell you when comes to sheer verbosity, Aesop Rock is pretty much at the top of the pyramid. And the fact that even more than a decade later that still hasn’t changed is quite the feat. On this new track, “Klutz”, Aesop forgoes hooks and choruses for just one long, rambly, stream-of-conscience rap that will probably take months to dissect. Yet despite its difficult to decipher nature, Aesop still comes with enough flow, charisma, and a funky instrumental to make this a fun to listen to track even if you don’t want to dive into the sea of words coming out of his mouth. Here’s hoping for some more new music from this master wordsmith this year.

Aesop Rock’s “Klutz” will be available as a 7″  but the song is available digitally now!


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