BEST NEW MUSIC: Anderson .Paak – Bubblin’ (Music Video)

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Anderson .Paak hits it out of the park once again with one of his most in-your-face tracks yet (video)


It seems pretty fair to say at this point that anything Anderson .Paak touches at this point turns to gold. From his guest feature on Blended Babies “Make It Work”, to everything on NxWorries, to his own solo albums, it just seems like the man is unstoppable at this point. So it honestly comes as no surprise that he sounds just as good on this track as he has on all of his previous work.

Jam packed with swag, attitude, confidence, and energy, “Bubblin'” might just be his most in your face track yet. Choosing to rap this on as opposed to riding the line between rapping and singing, Anderson .Paak spins a familiar yarn that I’m sure everyone is familiar with: starting off broke and now living the good life. But as well worn as this territory is, this track is just oozing with charisma that it’s hard to care. Once the track opens up, he never slows down; with his rapping getting gradually more intense as the track continues. If I have any complaint in with this track, I thought the chorus kinda lacked the same punch as the verses but it hardly does anything to detract from an otherwise amazing song.

And the instrumental on this is bananas too; full of tons of bass, anxiety-inducing strings, and off-the-wall energy that matches .Paak’s delivery perfectly. All and all, if this song is meant to promote a new album, he’s definitely getting off on the right foot.

Anderson .Paak’s “Bubblin'” is available on all platforms now.

Also please note: this video is definitely not safe for work. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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