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IS: Stones Throw YouTube

Just one more reason to get hyped for Kiefer’s upcoming album (audio)


At this rate, Kiefer’s Happysad album due out next month on Stones Throw is gonna end up being my favorite album of the year. “AAAAA” is just another testament to how good this album is sounding. Much like the previously talked about tracks, “AAAAA” doesn’t reinvent Kiefer’s loose, laid back, jazzy, electronic, synth-heavy instrumental hip-hop sound from last year’s album; rather it doubles down it, reinforces it, and makes it sound that much stronger. The drum sound better and more upfront than before, the melodies are more memorable, the soloing seems more confident, and the synth-y textures are that much more interesting. All of it sounds like an artist really becoming more comfortable and more confident in his sound and just makes me that much more excited to hear what the album in its entirety has in store! Stones Throw might just have two must-have releases in their catalog this year!

Kiefer’s Happysad is out on Stones Throw on June 8th but is available for pre-order now. Might want to grab it while you can because I have a good feeling this one is gonna sell out quick!


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