NEW MUSIC: Children of Zeus – Slow Down/All Night

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 11.52.44 AM.png

More excellent throwback vibes from my favorite UK duo at the moment! (video)


If there seems like a running theme with a lot of music these days, it’s probably “everything old is new again”. Much like Stimulator Jones, Children of Zeus do an excellent job of keeping one foot in the past while still looking forward, sort of giving you the best of both worlds. This latest two tracks from Children of Zeus, “Slow Down” and “All Night” show off those previously mentioned characteristics: with “Slow Down” being the more soulful number, as the singer of duo croons over some a simple but effective string loop before some half-time, trap-like drums kick in giving the track some extra propulsion. “All Night” has the feel of an old 90’s hip-hop track, where sampling some 80’s rare groove/boogie track was the in thing, complete with some throwback style rapping and that horn sample that was ubiquitous back in the day. I was already a fan of these guys with their seven inch releases and their EP from last year, so here’s hoping that they can keep the quality up over a full length album when it eventually drops.

For now, grab yourself a copy of Children of Zeus’s “Slow Down” b/w “All Night” seven inch over at the their bandcamp.


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