BEST NEW MUSIC: Stro Elliot – The Egyptian Way/Soul II Stro

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 4.42.38 PM.png

IS: Street Corner Music Soundcloud

An absolute must-have 7″ of two Stro Elliot classics (audio)


As I’ve probably made it abundantly clear by now, Stro Elliot is one of my favorite beat makers/hip-hop producers right now. His tendency to take fairly well known and liked songs, flip them on their head, give them some knocking drums (that he plays out himself, rather than strictly sequencing them) is a formula that is immediately attention-grabbing. And these two tracks right here: “The Egyptian Way” and “Soul II Stro” are two of the best examples of that formula. By now, you should all know “Soul II Stro”; where he takes a classic Soul II Soul track, augments it’s opening vocals with some well-placed synths, and adds some knocking drums for a song that’s simple and effective. On “The Egyptian Way”, he does much of the same thing; leaving the sample’s original vocals largely intact to give the track a hook and instant appeal, all while filling in the track with some hard-hitting drums and some tasty Rhodes-like keyboards and other assorted synths. Simply put: these are two classic Stro Elliot tracks that need to be heard. Jump on this one before it sells out, because I have a feeling its going to sell out immediately.

Stro Elliot’s “Soul II Stro”/”The Egyptian Way” 7″ is coming out on Street Corner Music via Fat Beats and available for pre-order now. Definitely grab this one before it’s gone.


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