BEST NEW MUSIC: Stimulator Jones – Need Your Body

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.31.58 PM.png

New music from Stimulator Jones! (audio)


Coming at number 10 on my top 10 favorite tracks of last year was Stimulator Jones’ “Soon Never Comes”, a track that seemed to channel both the best sounds and feel of 80’s records from Solar Records and 90’s R&B. So I definitely got excited to find out that not only is Stimulator Jones releasing an album on Stones Throw next year, but also has a new track out now called “Need Your Body”. Just like “Soon Never Comes”, “Need Your Body” also wears those influences proudly on his sleeves, taking cues from some of Shalamar’s slower songs and giving it a hip-hop/R&B bounce. It’s a pretty simple formula that in hands of a less capable producer would probably just come off as corny, but yet Stimulator Jones sells it perfectly with his pitch-perfect vocals that don’t seem to have a either a trace of irony or condescension. Simply put: based on this first track, this will be my first must-have album of 2018.

Stimulator Jones’ Stones Throw debut comes out next year. If you want find out more about the man, head over to Stones Throw’s website for more details.


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