THE GRIND: Smoke Trees – Lemanja

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IS: Melting Pot Music YouTube

More drunken, smoked-out beat goodness from Melting Pot Music (audio)


Feels like ages since I’ve heard anything from one of my favorite record labels, Melting Pot Music. Once purveyors of some the finest beat makers around (the triple threat of Dexter, Brenk Sinatra, and Suff Daddy, also known as Betty Ford Boys), it seems like their release schedule has slowed down as of late. While it’s not a new album announcement, this new track from Smoke Trees entitled “Lemanja” is still welcome none the rest. Sounding sort of similar to newer Suff Daddy stuff, the vibe here is pretty airy and mellow, with the woozy, hazy synths being balanced over some rather wet sounding drums. It’s nothing mind-blowing but the results are still pretty intoxicating.

Head over to Melting Pot Music’s Soundcloud to get more info on this on-going series. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for a vinyl release!


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