THE GRIND: Bicep – Glue

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.55.38 PM.png

IS: Feel My Bicep Boys YouTube

Bicep take on UK Garage with another solid retro-future electronic track from their upcoming album for Ninja Tune(audio)


A little while back, I talked about how Bicep isn’t making retro-tinged music with a modern twist. Well that still rings true on this new track from their upcoming Ninja Tune debut album entitled “Glue”. But rather than exploring house and techno territory, the set their sights on old-school UK garage. The drums have that familiar shuffle that most garage tracks, giving the song an almost slow-motion drum n’ bass feel while pausing at the end of 4th bar as to take a breather. It’s also thick with atmosphere, but rather than taking an ambient techno approach like on “Aura”, this track almost feels new-agey with it’s use of tone and selection of synths. Overall, it’s a pretty straightforward, simple but effective track from the Scottish-duo that doesn’t reach the same heights as “Aura”, but it’s still a fun listen nonetheless and it only makes me more curious for what they have in store for their upcoming album.

Bicep’s album Bicep is out on Ninja Tune September 1st. Head over here to pre-order the album for yourself.


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