(Best New Music) THE GRIND: Mallard – Aquitaine (606 Lake Mix)

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 9.34.33 PM.png

IS: Rhythm Section YouTube

This kid is only 20?! (audio)


A little awhile ago, I posted another Mallard track called, “Surface”, and it instantly caught my attention. Riding a line between classic ambient techno and modernity by adding a dash of bass music, it struck just the right balance between being forward-thinking and reverent to the past (kinda like Bicep). Mallard’s newest upload from his Verte EP feels a bit more trenched in the past, sticking closer to classic ambient techno sound this time around, but again has just enough little qualities to it to keep it from sounding like simple pandering for the nostalgia heads. The pads are heavy on this, giving the track an immersive, almost aquatic sound to the track (must be that classic “dolphin” sound thrown in for good measure). And as the name would imply, the 606 powered drums really give it an old-school Future Sound of London vibe. Where the song really shines is in it’s unpredictability; as the drums hardly stick to a straight four on the floor beat, and song shifts around quite a bit; never sticking in one place. Overall, it’s another solid composition from a kid who’s only 20!?!? The hell? I really need to step my production game up…

Mallard’s Verte is out now on Rhythm Section International and you can pick it up on your favorite format over here.


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