THE GRIND: Mura Masa – Messy Love

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 9.54.04 PM.png

IS: Mura Masa Vevo YouTube

Mura Masa returns to form kinda with this cut from his debut album (audio)


After hearing Mura Masa’s song with Charli XCX, I gotta say it made me a little less than optimistic about his upcoming debut album (Apparently we don’t count Soundtrack For A Death). While not overtly bad, there was an omnious feeling around the track that his music was going to be moving into more “poppy” territory and leaving behind the more unique and unpredictable sound that characterized his first two releases.

This track right here though feels more like a Mura Masa production. Even though it features vocals (which I assume are done by the producer himself), they feel like they are in service of the track rather than being the focal point of the music. And “Messy Love” is one of the interesting tracks musically I’ve heard from this album thus far. There are plenty of little details and intricacies, with some severely de-tuned steel drums, synths and piano filling up most of the mix, all set a top a pretty standard but still solid four on the floor drum beat. It doesn’t reach the creative heights as some of the man’s best work but it’s still a pretty solid offering none the less.

Mura Masa’s debut album is out now.


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