THE GRIND: Aphex Twin – Korg Funk 5

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 9.32.27 PM.png

IS: Korg YouTube

Yep, this is definitely new Aphex Twin! (audio)


So in case you’re not 100% up on your Aphex Twin news, Richard D. James did an interview with the creator of this new Monologue synth, a Japanese man by the name of Tatsuya Takahashi, which was supposedly designed to imitate the sound of Aphex Twin. Always thinking out side the box, he used the interview as an opportunity to grace us with some new music and the result is this track here: “Korg Funk 5”.

Now I’m of the opinion that at this point in Aphex Twin’s career that he will probably never be as revolutionary as he once was. Syro was a pleasant enough listen, but it didn’t have the sort of alien, game changing qualities as his previous works did. That being said, “Korg Funk 5” is still in the vein of the type of music that was on Syro, which to me sounds like a sort of like a balancing act between his earlier more ambient works and his more abrasive, late 90’s/early 2000s output. It’s definitely not gonna change the world of music but I don’t think Aphex Twin really cares if he does or not. All that being said, it’s honestly just a bit of synth-heavy, retro-electronic music fun, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

By the way, here’s the interview/synth-nerd-out session with the Takahashi-San.


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