THE GRIND: Machinedrum – What Is This feat. Rosie Lowe

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 7.57.31 PM.png

IS: Ninja Tune YouTube

Machinedrum continues to explore a poppier sound without sacrificing his own unique style (audio)


Any time an artist explores a more, for lack of a better description, “mainstream” sound, the cries of “sell out” are always soon to follow. While last year’s Human Energy seemed like a brighter, almost happier sound for Machinedrum (especially coming off the cold and atmospheric Vapor City album, which I highly recommend), I really don’t think it affected the quality of Machinedrums music all that much. And it seems like that positive energy is still holding out, as this new track “What Is This” featuring vocals from Rosie Lowe feels like a continuation of that vibe. That vibe being, uplifting bass music with less focus on atmosphere and more emphasis on pop hooks. All that being said, I still dig this. Machinedrums drum programming (ahem) is far more unpredictable than anything I’ve heard from the man so far, and I love the way the drums playfully interact with the dancing synths. Overall, I’d say color me curious as to what the man does next.

“What Is This” is available for download now across a variety of platforms. Check it out here!


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