(Best New Music) THE GRIND: Mallard – Surface

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 10.05.51 PM.png

IS: xlr8r Soundcloud

Holy shit! (audio)


Color me amazed right here.

Rhythm Section International really blew me away with several of their releases last year, but nothing could’ve prepared me for this. This new track, “Surface” (coming to you courtesy of xlr8r magazine), might just be one of my favorite tracks of this year. Dripping with atmosphere, it takes on almost a classic ambient techno vibe, complete with vintage synth pads and drum machines. Where it differs however, is in the rhythm itself, going for more of bass music style motif rather than just a straight forward techno or house style beat. Needless to say, I absolutely love this track and this is exactly the kind of thing I’m always looking for.

Mallard’s Verte EP is coming out on Rhythm Section International July 21st and you can pre-order it digitally now over here. For now, I’m gonna soak up this blissful track right here.


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