THE GRIND: Swarvy – Stunts (Music Video)

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 9.18.34 PM.png

IS: Markus Swarvy

Swarvy gets some trippy visuals to accompany last year’s Stunts album (video)


Swarvy has to be one of the most unique producers/beat-makers on House Shoes’s Street Corner Music label. His mix of samples and live instrumentation allows for a wide variety of textures and possibilities. No where is this more apparent than on his Stunts Vol. 1 – 4 album that came out last year. Despite it being made up mostly of a lot hip-hop instrumental sketches, there is so much going on in each production that each song becomes its own little musical journey. And thanks to this brand new music video, you’ve got a visual compliment to go with his out there production style.

Head over to Swarvy’s Bandcamp to pick up a copy of his album and enjoy this musical wild ride!


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